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User experience (often also called UX design) is the process of creating products that give the user a positive experience.
This involves the design of the entire product procurement and integration, including aspects of usability & branding.

Products that offer high usability (e.g. Facebook, Twitter & other well-known apps) are also always products that invite the user to return and use the product more.

In these cases it is said that usage becomes a habit and users no longer really think about whether they want to use the product but simply do it. This type of design can be used very well to attract and retain new users and to recommend the product to others.


Even small changes to the design and user guidance can provide the user with a better user experience. Often this has more to do with psychology than with technical possibilities.

Exactly for this reason it is not possible to write a uniform user guide to which every software must adhere – one must respond individually to the needs of the users and the product in order to achieve an optimal result.

Often the products also lack good entry possibilities, so that the user can get used to the product.

With all these possibilities, it is difficult to choose the right path. We help you with new impressions and experiences from other industries and projects.

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