Software Analysis

We help you to find the right software!

Companies use a variety of different software to implement their business processes and support their employees.

Right from the start, it is very important which software solution is used, because this choice is usually a long-term one and a conversion is very expensive later on.

Companies also like to make the mistake and still implement time-consuming processes using auxiliary programs such as Excel & Access, instead of using a tailor-made solution that saves employees and the company a lot of time and money.

Workflow, demand & future analysis

Whether it is tailor-made software for exactly your company or a complex solution from the trade, we are there for you to achieve the best result.

Our analysts speak directly to your employees or visit you at your workplace to review your process. This ensures that we know exactly what problems the new software has to solve and what future demands will still be placed on it.

With our analysis we determine exactly what your staff needs, what will be interesting in the future and what will do most of the work for you.
Due to our experience in software development, we can build bridges between the end users and the developers of your software.

Thus we determine which requirements your software has and which is the most economical way for you and your employees.

Evaluation & Implementation

With the analysis of your needs, however, we are not at the end of our consultation, but rather at the beginning. Next, we take care of the implementation and training of your staff so that the new software also achieves quick success.

This very often results in new ideas and networking possibilities with other processes, in which we are happy to accompany you or to which we can adapt your software.

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