Solution-Work has contacts in many industries and we have a network of specialized freelancers with whom we implement the projects of our customers.

In order to make optimal use of our contacts and bundled knowledge, we have our own process for approaching our consulting activities and giving our clients a real advantage.

Of course, the final process is unique for each customer in the end, because your company is something unique within your market situation, your staff and your own values & goals.

Get to know Phase

Getting to know each other briefly is our first step!

We do not only want you and your company
but also your values, goals and dreams.

Contract & Objective

You conclude a contract with us, in which we define the objectives for our cooperation and define how and to what extent we are available to your company.

initial analysis

During the pre-analysis we want to collect all important information that is important for our long-term analysis and our improvement process. We see which questions are still open and must be answered for the future in order to deliver an optimal result.

Implementation & Analysis

Based on the information and the goals we agree on together, we give you concrete
Suggestions for action from which you can choose the best way for your company.

Then we analyze the changed events and relate
new influences and events in our further process.