the lightning-fast, simple and modern Markdown CMS

Grav CMS is one of the most interesting new content management systems on the market. It is an extremely slim system, since it does not depend on any databases.

Grav is a fast, simple and flexible file-based web platform that requires no installation. The CMS follows similar principles to other flat file CMS platforms, but has a completely different design philosophy.

Grav allows site management without database and admin backends. Another important advantage is that this open source application is MIT-licensed and can therefore be used and adapted freely. The focus is on speed, simplicity and flexibility. As with all flat file systems, this starts with installation and setup. The only requirements are a simple web server and PHP 5.4 or higher. Grav is suitable as a blog, one-pager, company site or project documentation.

Data, interfaces and information at the right place at the right time – our systems put your content in the right light: sustainable, secure and goal-oriented. With Grav CMS we create fast and modern websites, which serve as a basis to develop professional concepts and good web design. We create fast, intuitive and flexibly extensible CMS solutions.

SEO friendly

simple URL´s, fast loading times & media support

file based

Grav can be used without database on any webspace with PHP

HTML & Markdown

Support for HTML & Markdown content for easy editing

Dropbox integration

content can be maintained via dropbox if desired


not only for complex OnePagers

With its modular page concept, Grav is particularly suitable for the creation of complex one-pager. We create one-pagers from different editable sub-pages that appear as a section in the one-pager. In addition, we also generally develop very good smaller websites such as landing pages, portfolio pages or small business presentations with this flat file CMS. The skeletons also make Grav suitable for many other applications, such as directories, documentation and even small e-commerce sites.

We advise and design web projects on grav basis. With a high demand on performance, functionality, workflow, usability and design, we develop optimal software solutions for our clients according to their individual needs.

As a grav agency, we have developed numerous content marketing extensions (CMEs) in recent years, which not only reflect the changes in communication, but also make content-driven websites possible in the first place. Grav is the ideal tool if you want to communicate relevant content quickly and modernly based on a content marketing strategy. While you can invest in your company, we build the successful infrastructure.

We develop and implement powerful grav solutions based on grav and extensions developed individually by our company. We have experience in projects of various sizes and for customers from a wide range of industries. We work extremely effectively and further develop existing components and modules in order to keep project durations as short as possible. Grav and Responsive Webdesign help you ensure that your website looks great and works flawlessly for your users. Fast as lightning to optimally created mobile content. With Responsive Webdesign we design your websites that flexibly adapt to the requirements of smartphones, iPads and tablets.

With grav you win twice. On the one hand, the smaller screens lead to a reduction to the essential content. On the other hand, you can adjust the quality of all content with the Responsive Webdesign: From the embedded links in an e-mail, newsletters and campaign landing pages to online shops and complete websites.

If you are interested in displaying your online products quickly, flexibly and reliably on the move, then contact us today.

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